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“I find something of value in each month's Board Forward. The articles are well-written and highly relevant to my role as a non-profit board member.”
—Claudia Zacharias,
President & CEO, BOC
Board Member, Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)

The 6 Rs of Events: A Framework for Success
For many associations, the annual meeting or event is a barometer for the health of the organization. When the annual meeting – be it a conference, tradeshow, or expo – is healthy and strong, the association generally is, too. When it is struggling to meet its objectives, the association is probably underperforming as well...
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Restructuring for the Future
Chapters and affiliates are vital for the success of many associations. But when they are not operating efficiently, it is essential to identify the problems and create solutions. One organization that recently took on the task of restructuring its chapters is the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA)...
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How Recruitment Awards Can Spur Member Growth
Recruiting new members is not exclusively the responsibility of an association’s board, membership committee, or staff. It’s something that all members can facilitate. Some associations recognize this dynamic and create an incentive to do just that through membership recruitment awards. One such association is the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD), which runs a Membership Growth Award program...
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Strategies to Discourage Groupthink
Members of the Forbes Coaches Council explain how groupthink can harm an organization, and how leaders can prevent it. For starters, team members should develop three or four answers to challenges while apart from the group, then aggregate those ideas and bring them together for discussion. Next, stop hiring people who think alike...
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Disrupt How You Talk to the Person in the Mirror
Sometimes, leaders need to change their internal narrative in order to make better decisions. People's internal communications, the stuff they say to themselves, is often negative, says Cynthia Kane, author of "Talk to Yourself Like a Buddhist...
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Reflections on National Volunteer Week

There were many moments of heroism in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey last fall in Houston, but one in particular stood out to me. You may remember the video. A group of about 15 people locked hands to create a human lifeline to rescue a man trapped in his SUV, which was submerged in the floodwaters.

A Guide to Board Behavior and Decision-Making

Many associations adopt a set of principles - often called a code of conduct, a statement of expectations, or something similar - designed to guide the board's decision-making and behavior. Boards develop such guides to instill trust in the integrity of the board and reinforce board members' commitment to the values of the association.

Engagement: The Other Element of Growth

In one sense, membership growth is about finding new members to join an association. In another, it's about retaining members that are already in the association.


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