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A Future-Focused Event Strategy
Technological, demographic, and societal trends are causing many associations to examine and evaluate their events to determine if they need to think differently about how they bring people together to learn, network, and exchange ideas...
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The ROI of Content
When association leaders think of return on investment (ROI) for their association’s activities, they often focus their time and resources on their annual meeting or event — and rightfully so. But they have another effective means of engaging with members, attracting new members or...
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Reputational Risk in the Age of Social Media
Here’s a scenario: a candidate doesn’t get nominated for a seat on the board of an association. The nomination committee makes the decision based on the candidate’s lack of qualifications, but the spurned individual ascribes other motives. The candidate believes he or she was passed over for political or personal reasons...
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Transforming Negativity Into Positive Opportunities
Forbes Coaches Council member Johanna Wise compiled a list of tips for leaders who are looking to turn negativity into something that can actually help both them and their teams. One tip is to focus on those things that are in your control when negativity threatens to derail a project or interaction...
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Combat Procrastination, Based on Your Personality Type
Many people struggle with procrastination. A key to combating it might be figuring out what personality type you are. Dr. Linda Sapadin, a licensed psychologist, details six different styles of procrastination that people tend to exhibit, broken down by personality type...
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