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What Boards Need to Know About Gen Z
Each generation is shaped by the major events and conditions that occurred in their formative years. For Generation Z — those born between 1995 and 2015, although ranges vary slightly — the economy, technology, the environment, geopolitical events, among others have all had major influences on their generational personality...
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The Keys to a Good Board-Executive Director Relationship
A successful association is founded on a good working relationship between board members and the executive director (or chief staff executive). Where a tenuous connection may thwart progress for the entire organization, a strong partnership can propel the association forward. The goal should always be to establish a relationship that’s mutually beneficial...
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Board Member Spotlight: Wayne Robinson
While association board members share many of the same motivations, goals, and challenges, everyone’s story of board service is unique. As a result, each individual story can be enlightening to other board members. We talked to Wayne Robinson, the current board chair for Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals (FICP), to get his story...
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What Top-Performing Organizations Have in Common
Association leaders thinking about restructuring often look to other member organizations to see what they're doing right and what has set them up for success. What most are really looking for are potential best practices they can mirror within their own organizations...
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The First Thing Great Decision Makers Do
Social scientist Cassie Kozyrkov writes that many decision-makers chase data "with too much zeal," never quite improving their decisions. Instead, she advises you follow the lead of most great leaders and behavioral economists and "commit to your default decision up front...
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