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The Framework for a Strong Board Succession Strategy
As stewards of their association, board members need to be focused on the future of the organization, in addition to the present. To ensure that the board is positioned to continue driving the association forward toward its long-term goals and mission, it’s paramount to have a robust board succession strategy...
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Finding the Right Growth Opportunities
The U.S. economy, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP), is in the midst of a historic run, with growth every quarter for nearly 10 years. While not every industry in every sector has experienced growth during that span, the larger trends suggest that it has been strong overall.
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Tips to Mentor the Board Mentor
Only about 36 percent of association board members say they were mentored by an experienced board member when they began their tenure, according the Heidrick & Struggles study “Association and Nonprofit Boards: Maximizing Effective Service.”...
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How Serving on a Board Can Impact Your Career
Author Amanda Brinkman, who serves on the Forbes Communications Council, recently detailed several ways that nonprofit board experience can help with professional development and open up new career opportunities. First, board service is excellent for developing team leadership skills...
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What Mindfulness Can Do for a Team
Conflicts can arise when a team of people from a range of backgrounds are asked to complete a challenging project on a tight deadline. But sometimes conflicts can actually be productive. When teams are tossing around ideas and reaching to find the most effective route to a shared goal, people will inevitably offer differing perspectives...
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