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Leveraging Partnerships to Boost Membership Value
Partnerships with outside companies and organizations offer associations an effective way to provide member value, generate revenue, and grow the association. The North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD), for example, has established several strategic partnerships over the years as a way to launch new programs in cost-effective and risk-averse ways, explains NAFCD Executive Vice President Kevin Gammonley...
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Creating an Innovative Association
While a commitment to innovation from the board and executive leadership is indeed critical, it must be embraced throughout the organization to truly take root and transform an organization, explains David Schmahl, Executive Vice President & Chief Executive of the Healthcare + Scientific and Technology Industry Practices at SmithBucklin. “Innovation in the association industry occurs most frequently when the leaders steward and enable the necessary environment,” says Schmahl...
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Board Minutes — How Detailed Should They Be?
What should be included in an association board’s meeting minutes? Should they include a complete summary of all topics discussed? A record of only the decisions made by the board? Something in between? Should individual votes be documented, and all recorded comments be attributed? These are just a few of the key questions volunteer leaders may have about board minutes. To provide some answers, association attorney Paula Goedert, a partner at Barnes and Thornburg, offers the following tips and best practices...
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How to Build and Maintain Trust in the Age of Volatility
Trust plays an increasingly vital role in organizations today. As a result, having a real understanding of the mechanics of trust is critical. Today's executive leaders are expected to be less like battlefield generals and more like orchestra conductors...
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3 Bad Habits Association Leaders Should Avoid
The article's author details three bad habits that association leaders must avoid. The first is "getting too comfortable," which prevents an organization from evolving with the times. Regardless of what industry an association serves, change is inevitable. To stay relevant, both the organization and its leadership must be proactive, not reactive...
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