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Questioning Orthodox Beliefs of Association Governing
It’s not just technology that’s rapidly transforming our society today. There are cultural, demographic, economic, environmental, political, social, and scientific shifts taking place that will reshape entire industries and professions. Association board members must understand the implications of these shifts for both their organizations and stakeholders...
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The Strategic Benefits of Wellness at Meetings
In our hyper-connected world where business professionals are always logged on, meeting attendees want more opportunities to unplug, recharge, and be active while attending conferences. Information overload from attending sessions all day can be overwhelming without a break to rejuvenate...
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Associations Fight Sexual Harassment at Events
The leading associations in the meetings and events industry are banding together to address sexual harassment in the industry. “It's imperative that our organizations present a united front against sexual harassment in the industry," said Kiki Fox, president of the Association for Women in Events (AWE), who helped create the Events Industry Sexual Harassment Task Force (EISHTF)...
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In Change Management, Emphasize What Will Stay the Same
To build support for a project that will result in change in a given organization, a strong, defined vision helps outline why change is needed. The general consensus is that by explaining how the envisioned change will result in a better future, leaders can overcome any and all resistance to change. But new research is adding a very important caveat to this...
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How to Be Happy
Yale University Psychology Professor Laurie Santos teaches one of the most popular courses at her Ivy League campus — Psych 157: Psychology and the Good Life. Over the course of four months, Santos instructs her students on both the science of happiness and the practice of happiness...
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