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How to Effectively Onboard New Board Members
Serving on an association’s board of directors can be overwhelming for those who are not adequately prepared. Beyond the gravity of making decisions that could impact an entire profession or industry, board members play a specific, complex role within an association. The truth is, many volunteers become board members without knowing exactly what to expect, which may be due in part to the lack of proper orientation...
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Preparing for a Strategic Planning Session
One of the most important and impactful responsibilities of an association board of directors is developing a strategic plan. This document serves as the association’s blueprint, laying out its long-term goals and objectives, along with an action plan that outlines programs, initiatives, and strategies to achieve them...
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5 Tips to Limit Distractions at Board Meetings
Keeping board members engaged during meetings is not a new goal, but it is somewhat more complicated these days than it used to be. The ubiquity of smart phones and tablets makes it far easier for people to stay connected, but it also causes distractions. This certainly can be the case at association board meetings. Here are some tips that may help limit distractions and keep board members attentive and focused...
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If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It?
Most leaders want to make more time for strategic thinking, but how many take the necessary steps to prioritize that important task? One obstacle is the cultural pressure to put in long hours. Tethering one's self to a desk may help you power through more emails and be seen as a busy leader, but it's rarely a recipe for innovative, strategic thinking...
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9 Simple Ways to Delegate
One of the key attributes of any top leader is the ability to delegate. Leaders can increase productivity and instill trust in others when they delegate effectively. “When your people know you trust them enough to delegate an important task, it boosts their motivation to get the job done,” says columnist Peter Economy. But there is an art to it, says Economy...
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