9 Simple Ways to Delegate
One of the key attributes of any top leader is the ability to delegate. Leaders can increase productivity and instill trust in others when they delegate effectively. “When your people know you trust them enough to delegate an important task, it boosts their motivation to get the job done,” says columnist Peter Economy. But there is an art to it, says Economy. He offers the following nine tips to delegate effectively.
  1. Make sure to contribute both positive and negative feedback so the person you are giving responsibility to will understand what he or she is doing well and what they need to improve.
  2. Be sure to keep a close eye on their progress. Your monitoring the work of others will not only motivate them, but also help you catch problems as they arise.
  3. Make sure staffers understand the responsibilities they are assuming when they accept them.
  4. Delegate the right things such as recurring tasks, detail work, attendance at certain meetings, and activities that will be part of team members' future responsibilities. There are certain tasks related to leadership, confidentiality, performance, and other areas that of course should not be delegated.
  5. Provide guidance when necessary. If the work that has been delegated veers too far from the organization's guidelines, take immediate and decisive corrective action.
  6. Be sure to give employees the authority they need to get the job done.
  7. Have the right attitude about delegating. To this end, remember that planning to delegate is an investment in your people, your organization's culture, and in the overall mission.
  8. Consider one’s skill and interest in the task before assigning it to him or her.
  9. Set clear expectations. “Make sure the goals are specific, attainable, relevant, and measurable,” writes the author. (07/01/18) Economy, Peter
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