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Board Members Help IBIE Gain International Flavor
The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is the largest event in the United States for the grain-based food industry, but for its 2016 show in Las Vegas the organization was looking to broaden its reach into international markets that it hadn’t had much of a presence in before. With the help of a new sales and marketing initiative that utilized board members to assist with the sales process, IBIE did just that...
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Measure Up with Board Assessments
Boards are constantly measuring and analyzing information about their associations, as is their charge. They typically seek answers to questions like: Are initiatives delivering value to members? Do programs have the resources they need to succeed? But a healthy board also needs regular checkups to ensure that it’s operating at peak performance...
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Leading by Delegating
As a leader of an association, a board member’s time is valuable, so it’s important that it’s spent efficiently. A critical skill board members need to create time in their busy schedule is delegating, said Steve McClatchy, president of Alleer Training & Consulting...
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The Science of Goals
The science of motivation can help organizations finish what they start, whether it’s minor tasks or major initiatives. Findings from behavioral science suggest that teams can improve in this regard if they conceptualize their goals more effectively, design incentives to boost instead of quash motivation, and use relationships more strategically...
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The Benefits of Lifelong Learning
Lifelong learning — which can include knowledge gained from professional development programs, online courses, podcasts, books, or volunteering to serve on an association’s board of directors — is becoming increasingly important to improving one's self professionally, financially and socially. To this end, the article's author makes a few key points...
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