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Governance and the Path to Growth
By Kristen L. Straka, 2016-2018 President, Society of Pediatric Nurses

Many association leaders are looking for ways to help their organizations grow or move to the next level of success. Oftentimes this path is less about implementing a single idea and more about developing a thoughtful approach and sticking to it. The Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) is an example of how this path led to a new and exciting chapter in the society's history...
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A Board-Level Look at Revenue Generation and Value Creation
By Jim McNeil, Executive Vice President, SmithBucklin

Revenue is the fuel that allows an association to create value for its members and constituents. At one time, association revenue was very simple — it consisted primarily of membership dues and an annual conference. Over time, for some associations these traditional sources became less substantial and dependable, so many evolved their business models to also create revenue from activities such as credentialing and professional certification programs, as well as online directories, affinity programs, licensing, group purchasing programs, native advertising, publishing diversification or voluntary benefits packages...
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Board Members Can Have Everyday Impact
The traditional duties associated with serving on a board of directors (setting strategy, reviewing board books, attending board meetings, etc.) can certainly make a difference in an association’s future. However, board members can also make an extraordinary impact by acting as passionate advocates in their day-to-day professional settings. Through interactions with colleagues, and especially with those of younger generations in your profession, board members can collectively, over time, have a significant impact on advancing the mission, awareness and even growth of their organizations...
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Are You a Giver, Taker or Matcher?
In every organization, psychologist Adam Grant states, there are three basic kinds of people: takers, givers and matchers. Grant surveyed more than 30,000 people across a number of different industries worldwide and found that a majority (56 percent) are actually "matchers," or those who try to achieve as even a balance between give and take as possible...
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Why Some People Get Burned Out and Others Don’t
Stress, defined as coping with long hours, intense pressure and ongoing work crises, can ultimately lead to burnout, which can be characterized by emotional exhaustion, cynicism and a declining confidence in one’s abilities...
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