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Education for Visionaries
The ability to provide senior-level volunteer leaders with meaningful and rewarding professional development opportunities is an important objective for many associations, and it takes a compelling approach to cut through the clutter of events and programs aimed at top executives in virtually any field or profession. With the support and direction of their boards, two leading associations designed standout educational experiences that resonated with their industry leaders...
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The Five C’s of High-Functioning Boards
Developing and sustaining a high-functioning board is the key to long-term organizational success. Over the course of my career working with associations, I’ve found that there are five components that are a common thread among effective association boards: Composition, Clarity, Cohesiveness, Conflict and Consciousness. This article will explore these five C’s through specific examples of high-functioning boards that, despite encountering challenges, have achieved and maintained success...
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Volunteer Boards and the Benefits of Face-to-Face Networking
There is no better opportunity to interact with members, garner intelligence and feel the pulse of an association than through its events. But sometimes an association’s board members are so heavily scheduled with their own meetings and commitments during an event that they can miss important opportunities. However, those who effectively engage with attendees have many insights to gain that will only help inform their board leadership...
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Harness the Power of Multigenerational Mentorship
With the explosive growth of the over-65 population in the United States — an estimated 11,000 Americans turning 65 each day — it may be time to consider ways to make more of our growing multigenerational society, according to authors Marc Freedman and Trent Stamp...
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Three Reasons Attitude Is More Important Than Aptitude
Business consultant Gordon Tredgold makes a case for the importance of attitude in professional settings, and outlines three factors. First, he asserts, “It's easier to train aptitude than attitude.” When individuals hold a positive attitude toward new things, they tend to be both more adaptable and more motivated...
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