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Boards and the Benefits of Being Prepared
When things happen that negatively affect a given profession or an industry, stakeholders look to their associations for guidance and leadership. Whether such an event or development can be anticipated or comes unexpectedly, associations hold the power to unite their members. Here are the stories of two associations that had to deal with hardships in very different industries and under very different sets of circumstances...
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Governance: It’s Like Riding a Bicycle
By Mark O. Thorsby, CAE, Vice President, SmithBucklin

Association boards are comprised of individuals who are successful in their respective fields and display an aptitude for solving problems, so naturally they apply these skills and their professional experience to do what they think is best for the association. Difficulty sometimes arises, however, when board members focus on processes when they would serve their association better by focusing on outcomes. For this reason, role clarity is a critical issue for the governing boards of associations...
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A Board-Level Approach to Social Media Strategy
It’s no longer a question of whether or not social media can help an association effectively communicate with its members, potential members and other constituencies. It’s now an accepted reality. But to achieve optimal results, board members must engage with their associations’ social media efforts at a level that allows them to guide overall strategy without requiring massive time investments. The following are five things boards should consider when assessing their social media programs...
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How Pessimism Can Help You Succeed
Practicing “negative visualization,” or imagining the worst-case scenario in a given situation, can make one more appreciative and successful in both personal and professional pursuits, according to author Eric M. Ruiz. He suggests that one of the best ways to achieve resilience and even peace of mind is to deal head-on with the negative what-ifs before a big project gets underway...
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The Competitive Advantage Everyone Can Affect
Former Navy SEAL and author of Navigating Chaos: How to Find Certainty in Uncertain Situations, Jeff Boss writes that, without trust, professional relationships suffer and, ultimately, the organization can be affected...
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