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Redefining Value in an Environment of Change
All associations need to keep pace with change and effectively evolve their missions, visions and value propositions. Boards that recognize and embrace the need for change are able to not only better meet the needs of members, but also more effectively preserve the interests of a profession...
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How Board Members Can Help Generate Growth
Growth — however an association defines it — is essential to an association’s ability to carry out its mission. According to Chris Mundschenk, director, Business + Trade Industry Practice, SmithBucklin, there are no easy answers when it comes to achieving organizational growth goals, but an effective approach begins with board member insights...
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Tips for Training Your Memory
By Robb Zbierski, Freedom Personal Development

When it comes to remembering someone’s name, facts and information we need, or even key points of a presentation, there is an effective strategy you can employ for storing and recalling that information quickly. This proven memory-training technique is the F-I-G method, which stands for File-Image-Glue. Here’s how it works...
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Agility: It Rhymes with Stability
According to McKinsey researchers, agile organizations are both stable (resilient, reliable and efficient) and dynamic (fast, nimble and adaptive). To master this paradox, agile organizations design certain structures, governance and processes with a relatively unchanging set of core elements — a fixed backbone, if you will...
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Three Ways Your Brain is Hazardous to Great Decision Making
Ron Carucci spoke with Daniel Kahneman, 2002 Nobel Prize winner and author of Thinking Fast and Slow, to explore why humans are prone to flawed decision making and what we can do about it. Kahneman cites three significant flaws that exist in our choice-making apparatus. First, we have a predisposition to what we like...
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