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There’s Always Time for Talent
By Matt Sanderson, President & CEO, SmithBucklin

My mother traveled about as far in her life as anyone I have known. She grew up in the rural South, with few traditional career-oriented role models, and in a family that dealt with substance abuse and clinical depression. Yet she ultimately found her professional calling as a fundraising executive for academic and medical institutions—a role at which she excelled. My mom had a special talent for communicating with eloquence and authenticity that enabled her to connect and develop meaningful relationships with people of all walks of life, including highly successful potential donors, board members of the institutions she represented, distinguished alumni, etc...
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How Associations and Chapters Can Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships
The relationship between an association and chapters is often tricky. On one hand, when there is a strong foundation of mutual respect, support, open communication and clear expectations, the relationship is likely to flourish. On the other, tension can sprout like weeds when support feels flimsy, communication seems one-way and expectations are not clear.

Developing a successful relationship between an association and its chapters (or between an association and its related state associations, components, affiliates, regional organizations, etc.) requires an ongoing, thoughtful and deliberate approach...
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Conquer Busy Schedules by Maximizing Your Personal Efficiency
Most association board members are busy people. In addition to their board service, most have full-time jobs, as well as a wide array of personal commitments that demand their attention. Despite straining their calendars and adding items to their to-do lists, board members still find time to volunteer for their associations.

Audrey Thomas, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) best known as Organized Audrey, offers busy association board members some suggestions to help them get more done with less stress...
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Branding Star Chris Collins' Essential Laws of PR
Top executives must convey their mission clearly and consistently, warns branding guru Chris Collins, or risk losing control over their image or their organization’s image. Collins shared several pieces of advice he has given successful business executives over the years. For example, he says to remember the seven-second rule. “You have seven seconds to make a lasting impression,” he stated...
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The Problem-Solving Process That Prevents Groupthink
Dr. Art Markman, professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin, writes that group problem solving can be hampered by a lack of training and a lack of understanding of group dynamics. To fix this problem, it is important to think about the two phases of group problem solving: divergence and convergence...
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