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Data and Better Board Decision Making
By William Pawlucy, CAE, MPA

In working with associations for two decades as a staff executive and consultant, I have concluded that more than 90 percent of boards are missing out on a compelling opportunity to improve decision making, provide clarity to staff and enhance value for members. The opportunity is to leverage data and performance measures to objectively assess what is working and what is not in your association...
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Native Advertising Offers Associations New Revenue Opportunities
By James McNeil, President and Publisher, Information, Inc.

By the very nature of associations' missions, most strive to be at the epicenter of information sharing and dissemination in the industries or specialized fields they represent. By providing a source of unfiltered and unbiased reporting on issues, they hope to be rewarded with the trust and respect of their members. A new revenue-generating opportunity for associations — despite concerns by some — is very consistent with that goal...
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Ensure Your Board Is Ready for Its Financial Responsibilities
When it comes to the responsibilities of a board of directors, few outrank the importance of managing the association’s finances. This area of work might be second nature for directors who are also business owners or are responsible for their company or unit’s financials at their full-time jobs. However, not all directors have this kind of experience before joining a board...
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A Board's Eye View of Reputation Management
Reputational risk is a growing concern in organizations of all sizes and types. Both executive leadership and board members must play a key role in managing such risk. Roxanne Decyk, Ford Scholar at the Ford Center for Global Citizenship at the Kellogg School, warns that reputation-management procedures can lose their effectiveness...
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Women Directors Change How Boards Work
Laura Liswood, Secretary General of the Council of Women World Leaders and author of the Harvard Business Review article, “Women Directors Change How Boards Work,” says that giving females more opportunities for board service can boost organizational performance...
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