Three Ways to Improve Team Communications
In most organizations, working in teams is viewed as one of the best ways to achieve goals. Often, though, teams lose focus and run the risk of unraveling. The article's author, Scott Schreiman, suggests three tips to get such groups back on track. First, the moment a leader becomes aware that something — a mistake, a personality conflict, etc. — is pulling the team away from its collective goal, he or she must raise the issue and ask the entire team: "How is this bringing us closer to our goal?" In posing such questions, gathering input and sharing viewpoints, teammates can become re-focused on the task at hand and made to feel part of the discussion.

The second tip entails embracing conflict. Schreiman writes, "We're so afraid of the negative feelings and images we associate with conflict that we forget its benefits: clarity, innovation, improved morale, increased understanding of yourself and others, and better working relationships, not to mention greater effectiveness and efficiency." Schreiman’s third tip stresses that team members and leaders should discuss roles and tasks up front to avoid any confusion or duplication of duties down the road. Playing to each team member's strengths usually means tasks are done more efficiently and effectively. This, in turn, helps move the larger organization closer to its goal.
Fast Company (03/04/15) Schreiman, Scott
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