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Associations Use Storytelling to Build Stronger, Deeper Connections
The rise of the Internet, 24-hour television, smart phones and social media means that people today are consuming five times more information each day than they were in 1986. There is lots of information — and often noise — competing for the attention of the audience that your association is trying to engage...
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Content Marketing Offers a Powerful Opportunity for Associations
By Amanda Darvill, Director, Marketing & Communication Services, SmithBucklin

Your association’s marketing team might have mentioned content marketing in a recent board meeting, or you might have glanced at an article about the topic in the Forbes online edition. You suspect content marketing is important, but, truthfully, you are not quite sure of its value. As a board member, you are wondering if content marketing is a topic the board should investigate...
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Legal Duties of Every Board Member
The requirements of nonprofit organization volunteer board members are many. Although not every skill set or competency need be present before joining the board, from their first day on the job forward all directors must understand and commit to certain legally imposed fiduciary duties...
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Three Ways to Improve Team Communications
In most organizations, working in teams is viewed as one of the best ways to achieve goals. Often, though, teams lose focus and run the risk of unraveling. The article's author, Scott Schreiman, suggests three tips to get such groups back on track. First, the moment a leader becomes aware that something — a mistake, a personality conflict, etc...
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How to Make Conference Calls Less Terrible
A recent InterCall study about the rise of conference calls and conferencing behavior found that 82 percent of respondents admitted to focusing on other work and activities while on a call. With disengagement — at least during virtual meetings — becoming standard practice, it raises questions about the productivity and value of these calls...
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