A Better Way to Make Hard Choices
Some of life's hardest choices involve deciding between two options that both have significant merits and potential drawbacks. Even the best decision-makers will sometimes respond with hand-wringing, misery and even outright dread. Philosopher Ruth Chang offers a liberating new framework for making life's toughest calls.

She says that the problem in making a big decision is often a lack of foresight about how the various options will play out. The natural response to that is to delve deeper for more information, but the search for sure comparisons is almost always a fruitless one. In addition, hard choices are often all about values, and no data or advice can tell you what is most important to you.

Simply put, there just is no right answer to many truly tough calls. So, what then is the best way to approach agonizing decisions? Make decisions that help you chart your own identity, assert your values and actively shape your future the way you would like it to be. Choices are basically forks in the road of life, and they should be viewed as opportunities to choose who you really want to be. The alternative is to become "a drifter," one who allows the world to write your story.
Inc. Magazine (07/01/14) Stillman, Jessica
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